Bitter yet Sweet. Together yet Apart 0

Andrius Jevsejevas, 2014-05-30

In brief:

A critical look at the latest performance “Kartu” (Lithuanian word meaning both “Together” and “Bitter”) by Artūras Areima in Kaunas National Drama Theater. The performance is based on Serhiy Zhadan's play “Depeche Mode”.

The author analyzes the scenography (why the stage was reorganized and how did it matter), the verbality (the actors use a lot of slang and coursing), the flatness of characters and linear narrative. The author is questioning the meaning and meaninglessness of the performance, it's unnecessarily roughness and the director's choice to stay, emotionally, on the safe side.

“Sweet, because safe, and safe, because apart. Because there were no sufficient skills, no need for, and perhaps no desire to give any meaning to this more than two hours long stay “together” in a limited physical space by carefully and coherently told scenic history. Or try to build and idle, but expansive, communicative atmosphere of coexistence, allowing after an open and intimate theatrical meeting at the very least to count the number of glasses or to complain about the morning hangover and to celebrate a collective headache over a glass of mineral water or stale black bitter coffee pot.”

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