Pen society surrounded by pen architecture 2

Kastytis Rudokas, 2015-12-08
Restaurant's Castle Garden building in Kaunas, architects of which were awarded the  Ministry of the Environment Award for creative achievements in urban design and architecture. LAS photo.

In brief: I am not criticizing the occurrence of pen in the Old Town. However, I am worried about the award given to this building by the Ministry of Environment for the best architecture, which in a sense, becomes the only reason that provides meaning for the existence of the pen.

Probably, the new building, looking like a metal pen, build right next to the Kaunas Castle did not cause much anxiety to anyone. Pen is exactly the word that came to mind when I saw this building - a some sort of restaurant – for the first time in the summer. Talking about the pen - I would not be surprised if this construction would be found "beautiful" by various formalists and line enthusiasts. You know, they say a sensible person can even find a matchbox meaningful.

What disappoints though, is not the pen, but the pen society and bureaucracy, kept from hard-working taxpayers' money.  The education of experts, specialists, tax payers is also often paid by the state, nevertheless, we are all responsible for our knowledge.

Before giving an award for the best building people should take the environment into account and not because it is the Ministry of Environment. It is because the understanding of the environment allows you to create good architecture. In this case, the prize committee, apparently, is willing to ignore the city centers' and especially Old Towns' functional diversification problem. Not to mention the Old Towns turning into cryogenic museums full of fake souvenir shops, clubs and cafes; the Old Town, where there is more consumption than creation.

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