Nothing new under the sun 1

Edmundas Saladžius, 2014-04-29

In brief: The anonymous author of Cohelet asserted that there was nothing new under the sun. The statement is solid as a rock, on which humanity builds and cherishes its fragile hopes and expectations throughout centuries.

Now again we confront severe events, the gate of frankness and trust is closing. After losing its empiric experience, Europe is becoming the witness of the new fall of Russia again. The great unpredictable country tortured by insanity is swallowing up the surrounding nations.

With these events, non-comforting signs may be noticed in Lithuania too. Everything what is not forbidden becomes allowable. Political parties have become profit organisations. Science and art turns into business although these fields are only prerequisites for possible subsistence. Ignorance to humanitarian education has taken the authorities to the quagmire of darkness.

History once again reminds us that only costumes change, and the main actor of this performance, the man, remains with the same slimy thinking and does not learn from own and other people’s mistakes.

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