Unsuitable for biography – essays of Stasys Stacevičius “Milda will Heed” 0

Simona Siderevičiūtė
www.kamane.lt, 2014-09-04

Stasys Stacevičius. "Milda supaisys" (“Milda will Heed”): essays. ― Vilnius: Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers, 2013, p. 197.

In brief: What the pig of the 14th century is doing on the hill of the 21st century, why skulls of people were collected in the Soviet Army, how the crucifixion should be survived and many more interesting stories are told by the poet Stasys Stacevičius (1959–2012) in his first and last collection of essays "Milda supaisys" (“Milda will Heed”) published in 2013.

Essays of the author remind of “secrets’” created in childhood or boxes full of children’s things in which colourful papers of sweets, photos from magazines, beautiful buttons, ribbons and other treasures were hidden safely. They are of low value practically but they are priceless spiritually.

The author forms his stories from incredible, ironic, (pseudo)scientific and sometimes even absurd notices and (non)memories. These stories become the construction material of life which does not give in to logic.

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