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Elvina Baužaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2015-08-28

In brief: R. Rastauskas "Lonely flags" are flapping in the wind and every poem like "a fly // is flying towards the light / towards death" (p. 140) - will it reach the reader, become a meaning for him that he heard and felt? Will the timid, uncertain, palpable poetic speaking twitchy with syllables "mi-li-me-ter-si-ze / pa-per of me-mo-ry" (ibid) - author's hope, in order "from God's / creation // to creation / of art" (ibid) - come true - will be for you, the reader, to say.

Rolandas Rastauskas (1954) - poet, essayist, playwright and translator. And that is not all... It is possible to talk about the activities of R. Rastauskas (at least) from three perspectives - academic work, cultural activities and literary works.

As it is written in the last page of the book, poems that are collected from the lyric books published in 1987–2006 reveal author's creative spectrum - from the distinctive relationship with the lyrics tradition to original contemporary language, from gentle lyricism to graceful ironies.

R. Rastauskas works are full of interplays, linguistic and verbal meetings and thought exchanges. One of them is the name of the poem "Ergo sum." After all, these are the famous words by Rene Descartes. Ergo sum - "therefore I am" thought continues with the lines of the poem, the feelings of the lyrical "I" unfold: "I am sick / my mother no longer understands me" (p. 15)

Collection contains a lot of theatre, which is not surprising, knowing the author's love for theatre. Thus his texts give sense, witness theatre and literature being together - one rises from another, becomes the other.

What also happens in his poems except the mixed art forms and realities are the creative meetings. In their presence, the meaning of the metaphor multitude of books becomes clear. The knowledge of art world, the space of literature is an inspiring power of creation.

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