About personal perceptions while reading essays 1

Mindaugas Grigaitis, Loreta Varaniūtė, Lina Staponaitė and Simona Siderevičiūtė
www.kamane.lt, 2013-12-04

In brief: The discussion of members of the alternative active movement of literature Žirklionis Mindaugas Grigaitis, Loreta Varaniūtė, Lina Staponaitė and Simona Siderevičiūtė about essays in Lithuanian literature is presented in the article.

Mindaugas: “Essays receive less and less of a conceptual critical look in contemporary literature. When Rolandas Rastauskas received the National Prize for the persuasion of his essays several years ago, critics calmed down thinking that the Lithuanian essays received the deserved award and attention to this genre flagged. Nonetheless, the genre lives an active life further on.

“Pekino dienoraščiai” (“Diaries of Beijing”) of Vaiva Grainytė was included into the list of the Book of the Year in 2012, and the selection of Eugenijus Ališanka “Gatvė tarp dviejų bažnyčių” ("A Street Between Two Churches") was among six most creative books of 2012. Other essayists of Lithuanian literature do not drowse too: the third issue of the selection of Giedra Radvilavičiūtė “Šiąnakt aš miegosiu prie sienos” (“I Will Sleep at the Wall Tonight”) was published, and Donaldas Kajokas, who experiences the creative verve at the moment, presented the book of essays “Lapės gaudymas” (“Catching of the Fox”) recently. Therefore, the active life of essays continues, and it is high time for critics to look at the situation of essays, at tendencies, success and bad luck closer.”

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