Croatian artist Tvrtko Buric, "I simply raise questions" 0

Interview by Simona Zvicevičiūtė, 2016-07-30
T. Buric's installation The Sign After at the Kaunas Town Hall Square. Milda Gineikaitė's photo

In brief: Participant in the international CreArt project, Croatian artist T. Buric presented his two works in Kaunas: an installation Human Landscape in the exhibition at the Kaunas Arts Incubator Ars et mundus and an installation The Sign After at the Kaunas Town Hall Square as an accompanying project, which is mostly discussed during this interview. By the way, the persons that stole the installation, turned it more into a short-term artistic action.

In mid-June T. Buric came to Kaunas to participate in the International CreArt project, the main goal of which is to give artists the opportunity to show their works to Europe. Here, artist presented two works - installation Human Landscape and an installation The Sign After. I was wondering how the idea for the project The Sign After was born.

T. Buric says the idea was born after he saw a flood in his native Croatia. "I was also strongly affected by the flood that I saw in Genoa (Italy), the city I currently live in. It was horrible. Then I started thinking about how to create something that would present this water of the flood attractively, but of course, without forgetting the consequences. Finally I decided to create artificial puddles."

It was interesting to learn why the artist specifically chose Kaunas Town Hall Square for implementing the installation and whether the place helped to achieve the project goals. T. Buric explains, "To be honest, I do not know Kaunas. Upon my arrival I tried to visit many public places, which, admittedly, I wanted to be less modern and having a cultural value, in other words, something that would be worth reflecting on the surface of the ice. Kaunas Town Hall Square met my criteria for the installation location not only because of the eye-catching main building, but also because of the cobble, forming a circle."

It is quite obvious that the installation highlights the relationship between nature and man. I wanted to know whether this relationship is positive or negative?

According to T. Buric, it is a very important question. "Why such things like floods, melting glaciers and etc. are taking place in the world? I believe that humanity is at fault. We, people, try to dominate this world, we cannot stop, we are unable to control the ever-growing "hunger", consumerism, power, which, in fact, hides weakness, the accelerating pace of life; however, sooner or later, the world gives its response."

Tvrtko Buric installation Human Landscape can be visited at the exhibition Notes on Tomorrow at the Kaunas Arts Incubator Ars et Mundus (A. Mapu St. 20) until the 13th of August. Installation The Sign After was available shortly for viewing at the Kaunas Town Hall Square from June 17th.

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