“Reselling” on both sides of gallery walls 1

Tomas Pabedinskas
www.kamane.lt, 2014-07-07
Donatas Stankevičius. “Reselling”

In brief: Art which does not create any material product but only new meanings or circumstances of different realisation of art is not a novelty today. Similar aims define the idea of the project “Reselling” implemented by Donatas Stankevičius.

The author captures objects of low aesthetic and material value – icons of popular culture or simple things which became unneeded by their owners in the market. The author frames his photographs in kitsch frames bought in the same market. D. Stankevičius “speaks” through the choice of objects. Although the unpretentious aesthetics of photographs renders the ostensibly undiscriminating look of the photographer, objects captured in photographs do not let to believe in the dissociation of the author from the subjective attitude. Objects in photographs are too iconic, their combinations have too many meanings so that they would not betray games of the photographer with meanings of socio-cultural signs.

It is the communication of the author with the viewer in which they should understand each other from “half a word”. Still, the pleasure of such “communication” may be felt only knowing the rules well, which are set by the contemporary art field participants at common consent.

As it is written in the annotation of the exhibition of D. Stankevičius, the author questions the status of high art “per se” and provokes to turn one’s attention not only to the possibility or impossibility of art perception in an unexpected banal place but also confirms the attitude that art is also usually the thing of agreement and attitude which changes easily.

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