Art photographer Feliksas Kerpauskas: “I see a man in stone” 0

Interlocutor Milda Kiaušaitė, 2013-06-17

In brief: The art photographer Feliksas Kerpauskas born in Samogitia, Tverai town eighty years ago stands out in the crowd of photographers by the sensitive and primeval relation with nature, attention to detail that wakes up the imagination of the viewer. The most famous cycles of F. Kerpauskas are “Stones in Bloom” and “Wounds of Trees”. At the moment works of the photographer are showcased at Kaunas Old Town Library (A. Mapu Str. 18).

In the conversation the photographer is asked about stones as an object of photography. According to F. Kerpauskas, he and the photographer Romualdas Rakauskas often visited Lithuanian church villages. While R.Rakauskas created portraits of countryside people, F.Kerpauskas walked around churches and noticed interesting stone fences around them. It seemed that stones overgrown with moss started blooming in his eyes. The artist saw a human being in the stone – he was sad and laughed, the photographer felt the energy and life present in the stone.

As for the photographs of trees, he relates his photographs with sympathy – the photographer is sad when trees are not allowed to grow freely, when they are formed artificially.

The photographer displays his works printed on canvas, which allows to see them better. The biggest joy for the artist is to share views he has noticed with other people.

When asked about the relation of the contemporary man and man of the past with nature, the photographer observes that we are not so far from nature as it seems – everybody tries to escape to the countryside, to gardens and to have a rest in nature.

“It is hard to avoid colours in photography and in art. Colours in music are accords, harmony of sounds, the combinations of which create a number of shades. Colour is vibration both in audio and visual arts. I create accords while organising an exhibition,” the photographer states. In his opinion, photographers of nature are the most musical.

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