Architect T.Jonauskis: Rotterdam Biennale enabled to explore and fantasize 0

Monika Jašinskaitė, 2014-07-02

In brief: A Lithuanian project was presented for the first time in the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam opened at the end of May. The idea “Revive the Collective Garden” was prepared by a team of young architects PUPA (Public Urbanism Personal Architecture), the nucleus of which is formed of Tadas Jonauskis and Justina Miliuotytė.

These two people completed Master studies of city planning in Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology, and acquired experience in Dutch architectural offices. Now they are creating in Lithuania for the second year already. They long for interesting orders here and set tasks of innovative planning to themselves. The interview with Tadas Jonauskis is about the Biennale Rotterdam, urban projects and problems of collective gardens, of course.

The team of architects PUPA presented the project of reviving collective gardens as a research in the Biennale Rotterdam. The architect explains that the theme of the biennale of this year was urban by nature, which could be interpreted in various ways: urban by nature, city and nature. When the calls were announced, the architects wanted their work to be closely related with the Lithuanian context. Collective gardens near the city is an interesting object for discussion and corresponded to the theme of the biennale well.

The architects of PUPA noticed that the process of urbanisation that started in Lithuanian collective gardens, the turn of a garden into the residential territory was very interesting. In their project, they remembered the main idea of the collective gardens, collective origin and offered to neighbours to cooperate and use some spaces for individual and some - for joint projects in order to use the small land plots better.

Photos from archive of Tadas Jonauskis

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