Abstractions of photography and painting – in one rhythm 2

Gabrielė Kuizinaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2014-09-04

In brief: The exhibition of photography and painting abstractions “Rhythms” was open at Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library in August. The initiators of the exhibition were the art photographer Vilija Kailiūtė and painter Antanas Andziulis.

Vilija Kailiūtė came to art photography from applied arts but has already been interested in photography for two decades. The theme of the city which predominates in the artist’s works is expressed through abstract photographs. According to the author, the city is the place where various thoughts and emotions intertwine, it is eternal movement and dynamics. The man becomes a hostage of the city and at the same the city liberates him. “Constructions involved me and turned into abstract images that reflect the rhythm of the city,” the artist tells. The rhythmical artistic composition is typical of abstract photographs of V.Kailiūtė, the diversity of colours prevails: from dark and bright colours and tones. The symbols of the city are encoded in the rhythm which is expressed by emotional fragments of geometrical forms in the artist’s works.

Meanwhile, the painter Antanas Andziulis was born and grew up in Kaunas, he studied painting at Vilnius Art Institute. The style of painting of A. Andziulis is based on abstraction – the painter has been loyal to it for many years but the works created by the artist stand out by diversity.

The painter Antanas Andziulis created new works for this exhibition in which colour, geometrical rhythm, tradition and its modern interpretation is important. The artist does not hide the emotional experience gained in personal life: “It is the fifth summer already that I see the same pattern woven by ancestors before getting asleep in my homestead.” This image encouraged the transformations in painting most probably and became the most important inspiration for the displayed works.

There are no particular signs or details of reality in works of both A. Andziulis and V. Kailiūtė, the artists focus on emotional memory inspired by a weaving pattern or architectural fragment. The artistic compositions of both artists are dynamical, provocative and at the same time metaphorical. Although the artists create in different techniques and have different attitudes to abstract art, the visual language of works and the thinking is similar and related. The harmony of form, colour and abstraction united artists for a joint exhibition, which became a cultural event in Kaunas this summer.

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