Delicate encouragement to take off curtains 0

Interlocutor Viktorija Ivanova, 2014-05-09

In brief: The artist Marius Jonutis returned from the International Ramala Book Fair in Pakistan recently where he organised the creative workshop in the girls’ primary school of Qalandia refugee camp. Soon, the exhibition of M.Jonutis and other nine Lithuanian artists will be opened in the French town Compiegne on May 17, where exceptional attention will be allocated to Stasys Eidrigevičius. It is the exhibition of illustrations organised by the International Cultural Programme Centre and Lithuanian Embassy in France. Meanwhile, the annual exhibition of M. Jonutis will be opened at the gallery Meno Niša in Vilnius.

In the conversation about beauty, which may be read about in books and seen, the artist M. Jonutis states: “I am not a theoretician, I am a simple worker of art, I did not study any tendencies. There are some beautiful books, there are some beautiful people, and trees are all beautiful.”

Speaking about illustrations of books, the artist is asked about the illustrated works of other authors and M.Jonutis’ own books. The artist reveals that he enjoys writing sometimes. When his texts appeared on the table of the publisher Lolita Varanavičienė, he did not think that he had to draw something for own texts but the publisher advised that his book should be with illustrations.

The artist is also asked about his work in theatre – he made his debut as the artist in the performance “Golden Apple Tree, Well of Wine” of Vilnius Lėlė Theatre and was awarded by the Golden Stage Cross along with the entire team of the performance. According to M.Jonutis, the performance was created by Rimas Driežis, and he only draw what he had asked. The artist rejoices for the result – a really beautiful and amusing performance.

The recent book of M.Jonutis “Worm Bird” is called a merry book of essays which reminds of a textbook, instruction, book of “lifestyle”, in which the author encourages to preserve one’s human nature and not to give in to stereotypes. The artist gives the following message to the younger generation: “Do not fear to live without curtains on windows; otherwise, you will see neither trees or sky.”

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