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Kristina Budrytė-Genevičė, 2014-07-22
Photo from the exhibition of Zinaida Dargienė ”Born from Dreams – Aborigenes” in Kaunas in 2011. Archive of the gallery Meno Parkas. Photo by Airida Rekštytė

In brief: Zinaida Irutė Paradnikaitė-Dargienė is a well-known textile artist who has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. She is thinking about the possible exhibitions on the occasion of the coming jubilee, about the publication of album of works and about the possibilities created by textile itself constantly. She tries to weave a work in the way that the universally recognisable symbols, colours and lines would unveil layers of memory of the most diverse nations. The majority of texts are exceptionally about the artist’s aims and works, while usually they do not speak about the daily life of the artist and her path to textile.

Therefore, the conversations of the author with the textile artist Zinaida Dargienė were different. Some sentences from the CV, such as “Born on December 8, 1936 in Lušė Village, Mažeikiai district” and “studied at Kaunas S. Žukas Applied Art Technical School in 1953–1958. Studied at LSSR State Art Institute, Kaunas Evening Department in 1959-1965 and acquired the textile artists’ specialty”, turned into a lively story without ending with the charm of coincidence and thoughts about fate. These three sentences are important by the unnamed years: what happened in the life of the artist from her birth to 1953, when she entered the art institute. The chronological borders (more than a dozen years full of interwar spirit, dreadfulness of war and ideology of post-war years) encompass historical and political breaks in life of the Republic of Lithuania. Finally, huge changes of thought occurred during the years of studies of the artist.

Project “Story of an artist and stages of Soviet years in Lithuania”

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