Judita Budriūnaitė: “From pilot’s road where I live” 1

Miglė Munderzbakaitė
www.kamane.lt, 2014-08-12
From the cycle "1933-2013"

In brief: Judita Budriūnaitė is a painter, creator of installations and objects, former member of the artists’ group Four (Keturios in Lithuanian), teacher or art and one of the authors who presented their works in the big exhibition of 2000 “Names of the Break Generation”. Works of artists of the young generation and their teachers who worked in Kaunas of the 9th decade, which stood out by various cultural, political and economic changes, were presented in that exhibition. One could see works of the well-known group of artists Angis, of the aforementioned group Four as well as works of individual artists Laima Drazdauskaitė, Eugenijus Varkulevičius, Eglė Velaniškytė, Jūratis Zalensas, Robertas Antinis and others in the exhibition. However, due to the reconstruction of the gallery in 2006, the exhibition “Names of the Break Generation”, which could have become a permanent exhibition, was closed.

A cycle of exhibitions presenting the participants of that exhibition in the contemporary context and illustrating the changes of creation in that period is organised since 2013. Last year we could see the exhibition “Names of the Break Generation: Yellow of Eglė Velaniškytė” at Kaunas Picture Gallery; the exhibition “Status” of Rolandas Karalius was presented in January of this year, “Almost Tangible, Almost Intangible” of Aušra Andziulytė was opened in May. Meanwhile, the exhibition of J. Budriūnaitė “From Pilots’ Road” displayed at the gallery now until August 31 speaks about the deeds of the famous pilots as well as about vivid changes in the creative biography of the artist.

On this occasion the conversation with the artist J. Budriūnaitė is presented about the displayed exhibition, creative choices, new decisions, ideas, life in exhibitions as a group member and return in thoughts to the exhibition “Names of the Break Generation” of 2000.

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