Fashion of saints’ painting. Image of St. Casimir 0

Marius Vyšniauskas, 2013-11-19
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Martha and Mary Magdalene, 1598, Detroit Art Institute, USA

In brief: Images of saints have been of huge importance in the entire history of humanity. It was useful for the church to have and spread such portraits due to the fact that they encouraged people to follow the ideals, to believe that these personalities were direct messengers of God on earth.

Even now we are used to see portraits of young smiling men and women in churches and do not even think that alive people hide behind them, and they might have not propagated the godlike life.

In the article the author presents how images of saints were painted in fact using portraits of various periods as examples. Also, he analyses portraits of the most important saint of Lithuania – Saint Casimir (1458 – 1484) and compares them to images of the French king, Saint Ludwig IX (1214 – 1270).

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