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Interlocutor Jurga Tumasonytė, 2013-06-25

In brief: While dozens of tons of bugs thrive at the seaside and the summer starts wearing its tropical robe, the interlocutor Jurga Tumasonytė spoke with the painter, jeweller and author of two poetry books Gvidas Latakas about things surrounding the human being seriously and not very seriously.

G.Latakas was asked whether good art should be born from pain. “It is nonsense. Both art and children are born from Life itself. The creative process is when you start doing something in one direction and rejoice when something – a new shape – appears from that,” the artist states.

In the artist’s opinion, art should not reflect some events or troubles of the society, political situation and etc. on purpose. “Art should be BEHIND all this. If art is good, it will be needed by people without that. Still, the artist should not distance from things taking place around us. The only problem is that the authority of the artist has diminished markedly,” G.Latakas observes.

As for the literary life of Kaunas, the artist notices that such life exists in this city. There is a community of writers, a branch of the Lithuanian Writers’ Union. Some readings are organised, mass events are not necessary as they are not concerts.

“Attention for an artist is plausible. For me the most unexpected evaluation was when I found out that one lady, with whom I was not acquainted, called his son Gvidas because I was her beloved poet,” the artist remembers.

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