About contemporary novels, romances, stories and prose crowns 2

Mindaugas Grigaitis, Urtė Sakalytė, Loreta Varaniūtė, Simona Siderevičiūtė
www.kamane.lt, 2013-08-27


In brief: In the discussion about literature the interlocutors analyse the interesting tendencies that may be observed in Lithuanian prose lately. Attention is drawn by the tendency to call genres by unusual labels: Andrius Jakučiūnas called the book “Lalagė” published in 2011 a crown of short stories, Laurynas Katkus described the debut work of prose “Moving Shadows” like stories. Dalia Jaziukevičiūtė calles the newest text “His Name is Siberia” a romance. It is the writers’ fashion in order to lure the reader by a promise of innovation. Is new literature type created along with a new name of a genre?

Another topic of discussion is the post-modern problem of transience and uncertainty of meaning: complicated texts of open and playful structure are created by for example Ričardas Gavelis, Jurgis Kunčinas or Gintaras Beresnevičius with the aim to say that there is nothing precise and clear in life or literature. The most vivid examples of this tendency would be “Lalagė” of Andrius Jakučiūnas and “The Lake and Other Accompanying Persons” of Donaldas Kajokas.

Therefore, the participants of the discussion focus on these two tendencies noticed in large prose works and try to find out whether the new labels of genres promise a new type of literature and whether the reflections about the directions of accessibility of new meaning indentify the impalpability of meaning persuasively.

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