Interlocutor Viktorija Ivanova
www.kamane.lt, 2013-04-03

In brief: The artist Antanas Dubra and the actor of Vilnius theatre Lėlė Šarūnas Datenis were awarded with the Golden Stage Cross in the category of the Young Artist for the creation of the performance for children “Rooster who Loves Money” at the Arts Printing House this year. Several weeks ago Antanas came to the premiere at the National Drama Theatre and looked around what stars gathered to the performance, and soon he was photographed by journalists in the lobby of the same theatre, and his laconic speech of gratitude was broadcast by the National Television. Friends and relatives are proud of him.

In the interview the artist speaks about theatre, performances for children, his work with theatre people, new projects and inspirations.

Antanas Dubra states that the creation of performances for children does not differ from the creation of performances for grown-ups much: “It is the question of space and media only. A.Čekuolis said during the broadcast “Hello, Lithuania” that one has to write for children in the same way as for grown-ups, only better. I do not know whether it is his idea, but the phrase is correct.”

“I did not imagine that our performance “Rooster who Loves Money” would be awarded with the Golden Stage Cross – it was our first performance in which I would do many things differently now… In general, when we showed the performance at the Arts Printing House, when we created it, I did not know what those Golden Stage Crosses were and that some committee, nominations and winnings existed. I am from a very different field. I am glad that we were noticed and that we won,” Antanas Dubra says about the award.

While “Rooster who Loves Money” was the artist’s first work on the theatre stage, he is preparing for at least one premiere during the next theatre season – for the staging of tales of Miloš Macourek at Vilnius theatre Lėlė.

“I have always wanted to illustrate or otherwise use the tales of M.Macourek in creative work but I did not have a particular idea how, in what form. Those tales are very visual, the characters are very interesting. (…) We will create the performance along with Mikas Žukauskas, a filmmaker. We wanted to work together for a long time and it would be interesting, especially having in mind that both of us are not from the theatre world,” the artist reveals his plans.

When asked about inspirations and the creative process of a performance, drawing and other cases, the artist answers that he is usually inspired by the surroundings – people who create, sing, draw, direct much. “There are such people as the writer Arto Paasilinna, filmmaker Lars von Trier, Wes Anderson, Harmony Korine, David Srigley, Lucian Froid among inspiring personalities... I am also inspired by silly youtube videos and things written by Hamlet. As for the process, I see many views in my head and try to draw things that I would never imagine,” Antanas Dubra states.

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