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In brief: Karolis Vaivada is a young artist who finished Master studies of painting at Vilnius Academy of Arts. After creative searches in the field of traditional painting, Karolis later took interest in physical qualities of the colour and optics. He started creating objects and installations in which the main role is played by light and its reflections.

The relation between the viewer and the art work is very important in works of K. Vaivada: as the looking point of the viewer changes, the structure of the work changes too. The interactive dimension of works of K. Vaivada reveals through the relation of the viewer and the work.

The artist disassociates from social themes, he does not try to render some particular story by his works – the author strives for abstraction. The physical experience of the viewer is the most significant in works of K. Vaivada. In the interview Karolis Vaivada tells about the beginning of creation, art of light, reflections in it and future creative plans.

Speaking about lecturers who were important to him, the artist names Ričardas Nemeikšis, who taught all the rudiments of painting, such lecturers as artists Arvydas Šaltenis, Henrikas Čerapas, Jonas Gasiūnas and art critic Viktoras Liutkus. Kostas Bogdanas, with whom the artist worked for four years (two years of Bachelor studies and two years of Master studies) made the biggest impact on him. Also, Vladimiras Tarasovas, a world-famous jazz musician and percussionist, inspired the artist.

“I became interested in light and art of light in the third Bachelor course. Nobody developed this direction, it was a new sphere to lecturers too, therefore, external help was necessary. I and K. Bogdanas invited the aforementioned V. Tarasovas to consult us. He gave advice on technical issues and encouraged me when I had questions which way I should choose,” K. Vaivada remembers.

The artist explains his way of expressing ideas through the light: “I work with various surfaces trying to get or focus light so that it would gain form. I use it as a means for expressing various ideas and achieving various effects. In order I could use light, I create various devices, objects or equipment that control the light. This is how objects appear. The main attention is focused on light itself, its expression and symbolical meanings.”

The artist is also asked about Kaunas Biennial, in which he will participate. He explains that he will present the installation “Compositions of Perception” which will be formed of three parts: the composition of light, composition of darkness and composition of sound. “I will use sound in my works for the first time. The composition of sound will spread sounds of very low and very high frequency, which are marginal but in the hearing range of the human ear. The work will be about limits of perception. By the way, I will be assisted by my younger brother Rolandas Vaivada in the sound composition,” the artist reveals.

Photos from the personal archive of K. Vaivada

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