Renata Bartusevičiūtė
www.kamane.lt, 2011-10-28

In brief: The painting exhibition “Turns” by painter Aušra Andziulytė was opened in Kaunas, Meno Parkas Gallery, on the 27th of October. The title of the exhibition as if suggests that this time the author speaks about the circle, turns, wanders and returns in life and creative work.

New works and several older ones are presented in the show. Some works or their series are separated by ten or even more years. The paintings require not only to be seen but also to be heard; the light and space have to be felt. Some series are more subtle and free, others are heavier, more closed and severe. Mostly whole scale of feelings is incorporated into the exhibition.

The author says that she keeps on returning to the same topics that are significant to her. The aspects of the subject, means of expression and techniques may differ but there is something common that unites all the pictures.

When asked, how important nature was for her works, A. Andziulytė answered that ideas were sometimes suggested by certain places or associations. Often she draws sketches, marks colours and shapes. The artist spends a lot of time on the banks of the rivers Neris and Nemunas, experiments and discovers a lot.

A. Andziulytė paints not only on canvases but also flat tins. According to her, the canvas blocks the brushwork and the tin allows pouring and grinding. Space and light are two most important things to the painter. „I always try to convey them and often with the help of the yellow colour. This colour is not absolutely real to me – it associates with light. Others say that space is blue; meanwhile I cannot imagine the blue space. The yellow colour reminds me of icons. Probably it is the intangible glint and lustre that help me create the sense of space. I always try to turn the flatness into space“, - the author says.

The anniversary exhibition of A. Andziulytė will take place at Meno Parkas Gallery till the 18th of November.










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