Renata Bartusevičiūtė, 2011-11-05

In brief: Calligrapher Lidija Kuklienė presented her painting exhibition “Growing” in Kaunas, Aukso Pjūvis Gallery, on the 4th of November. The show was inspired by autumn landscapes.

L. Kuklienė, who has a speciality of artistic weaving and graphic design and the membership of Lithuanian Artists Association and Lithuanian Calligraphy Society, searches for harmony not only in graphics but also in painting. There are no drastic forms, shocking solutions or destructive attitude towards the world in the exhibition. An exclusive sentimentality, wish to harmonise the world and take us closer to nature distinguish the artist among her colleagues. The world created by the artist is fantastical and sometimes rather infantile.

The artist does not imitate motives of nature implicitly but interprets them by revealing her outlook, experience, emotion, relation. She is not afraid of sentimentality that is conveyed by warm colours, unexpected brushstroke and line. The line is more important in the artist‘s painting than a brushwork and relates her painting to the Oriental calligraphy.

The author has a special bond with nature – she grew up in a village. In her opinion, we are all the part of nature, the planet Earth and should obey its laws. All the creative inspirations, interesting and lively solutions derive from nature. Floral motives could be found already in the early works of the author but they used to be more ascetic and darker. New works have more freedom within. On the other hand, there are no motives of nature except the wind and water in her calligraphy.

The author admits that art critics might call her the producer of kitsch. In her words, it is a marginal category that is discussed widely in postmodernism and neo-modernism. Kitsch is a natural process of our society, visible in every area. However, the artist thinks that kitsch also has the right to exist and it is only the matter of attitude, how it should be perceived.

The exhibition will take place in Kaunas, Aukso Pjūvis Gallery, till the 5th of December.


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