Justina Paltanavičiūtė, 2011-12-19
Photo by Zeneka

In brief: The Saulės Broliai (Brothers of Sun) consists of five ‘sunny’ and rather versatile lads: Saulius Petreikis (vocal and wind instruments), Donatas Petreikis (vocal, guitar, saxophone), Tadas Dešukas (violins, bass guitar), Audrius Pazniokas (accordion and bass accordion) and Vytis Vainilaitis (drums, percussion). Started their activity a year ago, they have already presented their first album ‘Journey’. None of them are from Kaunas but they call Kaunas their native city – the group had their first concert here.

The Saulės Broliai is based on the idea of friendship and brotherhood. The members complete each other, make a whole organism in spite of differences, realize their creative thoughts together and enjoy the music they perform. The idea of the title was born while thinking about the light and good energy, something positive. Sun means goodness, energy, joy.

The musicians find their music difficult to be described in terms of a single genre – there are elements of folk, pop and jazz, influences of Celtic music, vocal music close to the singing poetry, fusion style and music referring to the Eastern cultures. There is space for improvisation and songs. The point is that one wish to fly, relax and meditate by listening to their music and the stylistics is less important.

The group members discover their sources of inspirations in travels, escaping the routine and city life. All instrumental music is created in the mountains, nature, forests or foreign countries. For example, journeys to Scotland influenced the appearance of Celtic spirit in the compositions. Vocal music is more inspired by people, new contacts and communication.

Most of the group members have an academic education. However, they chose their current activity over the classical music. Some of them feel they can do more than just being a little part in an orchestra; others still perform classics in public occasionally. In any case they find the knowledge of classical music beneficial because it pours new colours into the style of a performer.

The musicians are pleased that their music appeals young and elder listeners – from little children to seniors. However, they try to perform bright music and warm hearts of people rather than please everyone.

The first album of the group was called ‘Journey’ because its music was created while travelling. It is as if a journey across the world. There are fifteen rather diverse compositions, many different moods in the album. All the most beautiful moments of life are recorded in the ‘Journey’. The majority of songs were created by Donatas but all members arranged and developed them together. There is a range of everything in the album – from the Celtic flute energy to the cry of Armenian duduk and lyrical ballads.

The musicians believe that their music is capable of curing the depressed society. They always try to radiate good emotions and warmth, to share the joy of living.

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