Austėja Bručaitė, 2011-12-20

In brief: Kaunas Balta Gallery has organised the festive exhibition-competition ‘Colour – Mood – Symbol’ for the third time already.  White colour is interpreted in the show by the Lithuanian artists who use various techniques in order to express the significance of white. Some authors associate it with purity and cleanness; others perceive it as a state of space for sacrality and contemplation or attempt to reveal the aesthetics of the colour.

Colours of Modestas Malinauskas are magical – his picture ‘Zephyr-like’ glistens, glows and shimmers. A subtle impressionist quiver and special colouring remind us that painter’s life is a constant movement; a person becomes a participant of a dreamlike situation here.

The textile artist Gaila Akelienė’s chandelier looks like a humming vespiary that reminds us about many different little worlds in the big world we live in. Aušra Vinogradovaitė’s work ‘Grandmother’s Portrait’ examines the human links to the past, to the roots. The sentimental piece reflects all the warmest feelings, speaks of love, care and respect. Virginija Kirvelienė’s ‘Sketch for Mother’s Portrait’ radiates nostalgia, peace and chastity; wavy patterns of the fabric accentuate gentle shapes.

Gobelins of Irena Piliutytė and Danguolė Brogienė are characteristic of subtle colouring. The work ‘Blizzard behind the Window’ by the latter artist lets visitors admire a dance of stormy snowflakes. Virginija Ridikaitė-Laužadienė’s white clay sculpture ‘Aroma of Silence’ smells like magical moments of calm when one can listen to their thoughts, quiet breathing and beats of heart.

Irena Breivienė’s painting ‘White Circle of Dreams’ embraces involves into a vortex of colours and Rolanda Rita Mikalauskienė’s ‘White Wind’ makes one fancy a playful element of nature. Jurgita Rancevienė’s leather panel ‘Dragons Blooming White in the Crab Nebula’ symbolizes spiritual and material fortune, unity of matter and soul.

The work ‘Future’ by the artists Janina Kildušienė and Ritonė Klizienė, a felt cover of a book, speaks about the future when a book will function just as an accessory, a work of art to decorate home or office interiors.  

The glass artist Sigita Gaučienė presents the ‘Melting Glass’ – a bloom of whitish recycled glass as a wax candle fusing in the heat. The work talks about the temporality of everything, fragility of objects and our existence.

The exhibition also invites to have an eyeful of works by Birutė Sarapienė, Marijona Sinkevičienė, Valdas Kurklietis, Danutė Ona Jonelienė, Roma Serapinaitė, Valentinas Varnas, Gintaras Kuras, Oksana Blaževičienė, Vida Sologubienė, Giedra Purlytė, Valerija Medelinskienė, Margarita Jasilionytė, Gintarė Jarušienė, Danutė Valentaitė and Arūnė Kochanskytė.

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