Austėja Masiokaitė

The humorist J.Gimberis and architect G.Prikockis performed the role of art bees the most seriously. Photo of E.Butkevičius

The kankliai player Lina helped to underline the deeply national origin of Photo of M.Kiaušaitė

The director of Kaunas Puppet Theatre S.Klibavičius and journalist V.Kiaušas were suspiciously happy due to some reason. Photo of M.Kiaušaitė

V.Savičiūnaitė and G.Kuprevičius discussed the themes of the next five years of before the end of the first five-year period. The frivolity is beyond age. Photo of M.Kiaušaitė

They did not meet for a really long time: V.Masalskis, G.Kuprevičius, A.Ruseckaitė. Photo of E.Butkevičius

The open relations of the head of Kaunas String Quartet S.Bartulis with honey and Photo of E.ButkevičiusThe portal of professional art news updated daily in Lithuanian and English, (Kamanė in Lithuanian means Bumblebee in English) which was born at Kaunas Artists’ House, turned 5 years of age on the morning of the 5th of October. Friends, admirers, authors of the portal, journalists and well-known art creators gathered to Kaunas Artists’ House on Monday, the eve of the first jubilee.

Friends of had many things to discuss. Photo of A.Masiokaitė

Council of Kamanė staff before the meeting. Photo of E.Butkevičius

Even a Frenchman was among guests of the evening. Photo of E.ButkevičiusThe first to congratulate the portal was the director of Kaunas Artists’ House Viktoras Valašinas. He also handed in a gift to the editor-in-chief Vida Savičiūnaitė – a concentrate of pollen.

The first public greeting was said by the director of Kaunas Artists’ House Viktoras Valašinas. Photo of A.Masiokaitė

Let’s be frank: while accepting such a gift, one should do more than just squat. Photo of E.ButkevičiusV.Savičiūnaitė described the portal as a possibility for professional art creators and art users to meet each other. Kamanė was called not only the portal of art news but also a public relations representative “of the smallest minority in Lithuania”, i.e. artists.“There were three of us, suddenly there appeared five of us; still, I was left alone. How do you like such chemistry?” the editor-in-chief laughed remembering the ‘crisis’ that struck the portal in the summer of 2009, when her both constant assistants took a maternity leave. Despite the fact, Kamanė is still humming loudly. 

Greta and Aušra, who reduced the team of to the minimum in the summer of 2009. Photo by M.Kiaušaitė

Editor of the English version of A.Blinstrubaitė. Photo by M.KiaušaitėSpeaking about the criteria of information selection published in the portal, the editor explained, “We write about everything taking place in Kaunas. Meanwhile, we announce events of other towns which are worth visiting.” Therefore, the portal informing about art events in the entire Lithuania from 2009 remains loyal to Kaunas: each day starts with news of this city. The formula of success of is objectivity and strong posture, resistance to the influence of limited interests and preservation of big trust of readers.

Editor-in-chief of looks at the mysterious future of the portalKaunas artists who died during the latter five years were remembered and a tribute was paid to them by a minute of silence.The composer Giedrius Kuprevičius performed a special musical greeting on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of

After performing the fatefully vital premiere of the composition dedicated to, G.Kuprevičius also handed in a material gift. Photo of M.KiaušaitėAfterwards the troupe P.S. of students of the National Culture and Art Prize winner, actor and director Valentinas Masalskis stepped on the stage. The youngest generation of actors performed the bitterly sincere “Offending the Audience” of Peter Handke on the occasion of the festival. Later they returned to the stage with the impressive ancient Celtic song dedicated to the 5th birthday of

The troupe of students of of V.Masalskis P.S. “Offending the Audience”. Photo by A.Masiokaitė

Photo by A.Masiokaitė

Photo by A.MasiokaitėThe evening full of good mood and unexpected turns of the programme finished at a glass of good wine with wishes to the portal to have a long, happy and useful life.

The editor-in-chief was evidently moved  by the news that even Kaunas Chamber Theatre congratulated the portal by a special work. Photo by E.Butkevičius

The expert of Spain, Spanish language and Spanish wine, graphic E.Saladžius presents gourmet wine of Chile. Photo by E.Butkevičius

The artist E.Markūnas is a loyal comrade-in-arms of Photo by E.Butkevičius

The poetess T.Marcinkevičiūtė did not hide her open look to actualities of art of today. Photo by E.Butkevičius

Female crimes of J.Gimberis and L.Strioga. Photo by E.Butkevičius

Neighbours. It is interesting why the head of the Musical Theatre pushed the head of the Puppet Theatre S.Klibavičius to the wall at the end of the festival of Photo by E.Butkevičius

The vigilant eye of the director of Kaunas Artists’ House V.Valašinas watched everything. Photo by E.Butkevičius

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