According to the minutes of KAUET meeting of 2008 05 07,, 2008 05 20In brief: The following was discussed in the meeting of Kaunas Architecture and Urbanism Experts’ Council, which took place on May 7, 2008: 1. Administrative building with a garage at Savanorių Ave. 97 and Vaisių Str. 9 (architect V.Juozaitis). Presented repeatedly. 2. Offers of the detailed plan of Mikrovisatos Valda UAB land plot at Savanorių Ave. 99, 107, Žemaičių Str. 33, Vaisių Str. 3 (architect G.Natkevičius).

It was decided to consider both projects together as they formed one complex. The projects were considered repeatedly after replenishing them with the detailed plan copy, sketch with surrounding constructions, photo montage from Žemaičių Road and Vaisių Street, facades of the building, vision of adjacent territories. V.Juozaitis presented the supplemented material according to experts’ notices. The height of the designed building remains the same 25 m (7 floors), the designed building does not dwarf the Resurrection Church. The first three floors are for commerce purposes, the rest are apartments. According to G.Natkevičius, three land plots were connected in the detailed plan: two private ones and one owned by the city allocated for infrastructure. The motif of the idea was to emphasize the last big crossing before driving down to the city. The architects attempted to lean upon the corner formed by the streets without striving for sophisticated architecture. The form is associated with a bent leaf. The building should be very moderate leaving the possibility to develop the quarter of the Radio Factory. After considering the offers of the administrative building designed by V.Juozaitis and Mikrovisatos Valda detailed land plot plan (G.Natkevičius), the experts’ committee came to the following conclusion: 1. To approve of the project of the ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING WITH A GARAGE AT SAVANORIŲ AVE. 97 AND VAISIŲ STR. 9 (architect V.Juozaitis). The offer has been expressed to take into regard the experts’ recommendation to improve the garage solution in the development drawing of Vaisių Street. 2. To approve of the DETAILED PLAN OFFERS OF MIKROVISATOS VALDA UAB LAND PLOT AT SAVANORIŲ AVE. 99, 107, ŽEMAIČIŲ STR. 33, VAISIŲ STR. 3 (architect G.Natkevičius). The following experts’ recommendations should be taken into regard: to improve the corner composition having in mind the different importance of streets, to humanise the first garage floor – to attribute it to the public interest, to improve the garage volume by making it higher. Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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