According to minutes of KAUET of 19 03 2008, 2008 03 30 1. Change of the use purpose of the land plot located at Savanorių Ave. 181, Kaunas to the territory of commercial purpose, detailed plan of construction regulation (author - D.Šarakauskas, customer – A.Barkauskienė)

According to D.Šarakauskas, all land plots in this part of Savanorių Avenue, between Molėtų and Leliūnų Streets, are very small. Small pavilions and buildings are standing here. The biggest possible volume is being designed. It is a building from 3 to 5 floors of 18 m maximal height. It is allowed to construct a building of 20 meters in the land plot. The access would be from Savanorių Ave. Commercial premises are planned in the first 4 floors and rented offices on the top floor.

After expressing their regrets about the present situation with small land plots in Savanorių Ave. and considering the project, the committee members decided to approve of the change of the land plot purpose to commercial use. The committee also recommended to present the technical project of the building for KAUET consideration. It was also recommended to turn to the municipality in writing regarding the continued preparation of the detailed plan of Savanorių Ave.

Future multi-apartment house at Partizanų Str.192b

2. High-rise residential house at Partizanų Str. 192b. detailed plan (the detailed plan is being designed by Kaunas design and consulting office, architectural part – by G.Balčytis, Dviejų Grupė UAB). Repeated consideration.

According to V.Adomavičius, the object is being considered for the second time. Last time the detailed plan offers as well as the issue of height was disapproved of. The experts’ notes were related with almost all aspects: construction in the land plot, architecture, function. The architect of the building changed.

During the present meeting, the detailed plan was introduced by the architect Justina Kašytė. According to her, the planned land plot is in the north east of Kaunas, between Partizanų Street and V. Krėvės Ave. The land plot borders with a sports ground in the north western and south western part. It is surrounded by multi-apartment houses of 5 and 9 floors. The area of the planned territory of 1.1248 ha has buildings in it – it is planned to pull them down and to construct buildings of up to 50 m height. Two buildings are planned in the territory. The plan and volume of the building is divided into three separate volumes of different height (16 floors, 4-5 floors and 7-8 floors).

After considering the project offers, the committee members have observed a great change in the offer and decided to approve of the detailed plan of the high-rise residential house at Partizanų Str. 192b (the height, building intensity and density) and the architectural expression of the object. It was also recommended to offer to Kaunas municipality to preserve the present sports ground for public needs.

Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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