According to the minutes of KAUET meeting of 09 07 2008, 2008 07 15

In brief: Kaunas Architecture and Urbanism Experts’ Council approved of the project of the multi-functional complex Merkurijus created by A.Kančas’ Studio with some notices regarding its further development. The approval of the future building was given after the meeting of KAUET on July 9. The meeting was headed by the architect Evaldas Barzdžiukas.

The architects designing the offspring of Merkurijus took into regard notices expressed during the previous meeting and introduced the made changes or grounded the made solutions. The main questions during this meeting was regarding the height of the building, its first floors and drawing of the building from the street line, the aesthetical view of facades.

After the experts’ council expressed their opinions, the project was approved of in essence and further recommendations were expressed by the members of the council regarding the improvement of the project of the building.

1. It is offered to open passages to Laisvės Alley more, to make them wider or perhaps even to join them with the internal yard compensating the lost space of the square. Perhaps the first floors should be drawn back from the street line more, they should be joined with passages and the internal yard (6 experts).

2. The façade of Merkurijus facing the former Apranga shop should be designed as a cordon, as it is planned to increase the height of the building (3 experts).

3. It is recommended to develop the grave, united variant of the waving glass and calm stone façade (8 experts).

4. The relation of glass with the remaining part of the building should be reviewed. The showcase could be not so high, then the building would have a more human scale and would match the surrounding buildings more (3 experts).

5. It is offered not to repeat the aesthetics of the Milk Centre and to strive for modern contemporary expression (3 experts).

6. It is recommended to decrease the height of the building (3 experts).

Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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