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www.kamane.lt , 2008 02 03 Kaunas Council of Architecture and Urbanism Experts (KAUET) analysed the new offers of architects and investors in Savanorių Avenue and Partizanų Street in Kaunas. The detailed plans of the high-rise building of offices with commercial premises and underground parking designed by A.Kančas and T.Petreikis at Savanorių Ave. 441 and the high-rise residential house at Partizanų Str. 192b (designed by Kaunas Design and Consulting Office, authors – D.Augustinaitė, A.Asauskas, customer – Kamintos Investicija UAB) were analysed.


1. High-rise building of offices with commercial premises and underground parking at Savanorių Ave. 441. Project offers for the detailed plan and the building. (designed by A.Kančas Studio)


High-rise building of offices with commercial premises and underground parking at Savanorių Ave. 441


The building was presented by A.Kančas. According to the architect, the land plot is at the crossing of Pramonės and Savanorių Avenue near two petrol stations. The designed building is of 19 floors, of more than 70 m height. The first architectural offer is the tower, the building as a lighthouse, the symbol of reborn Kaunas. The building is constructed for a computer company.


After expressed criticism and discussions, it was decided to approve of the presented detailed plan solutions (height) in essence. It was recommended to search for originality and identity in the architecture of the building and to analyse the place of the building in the land plot.


2. High-rise residential house at Partizanų Str. 192b. Detailed plan (designed by Kaunas Design and Consulting Office, customer – Kamintos Investicija UAB). The detailed plan is presented by D.Augustinaitė, architecture – by A.Asauskas.


High-rise residential building at Partizanų Str. 192b


According to D.Augustinaitė, the land plot usage is changed from commercial to residential purpose. The construction of 16-storeyed residential houses is planned in it. The land plot is in the northern part of the city, and the planned height of the building is 50 m. The planned number of underground and ground parking places is 250. According to A.Asauskas, the architectural concept is from simple to expressive forms. This will be a volume framing two towers. About 320 flats are planned.


The main criticism of experts was related with the volumetric composition, the scale of the building and its location in the land plot. The form is mechanic and more than 50 percent of flats are facing the north. The aesthetics of the building does not correspond to the environment. After considering the project, it was decided not to approve of the detailed plan offers. The project should be presented for consideration again taking into regard the experts’ notices. The question of height should be presented and analysed repeatedly.

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