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Photos by T.Tumolavičius

After a break of four years the celebrities, who gave promises of stage loyalty to each other, virtuosos of the violin and the fortepiano Vilhelmas Čepinskis and Guoda Gedvilaitė, met in Birštonas in the 13th Pažaislis Music Festival.

A couple of hours until the show, the energetic Guoda hurried into the culture hall of Birštonas, hugged Vilhelmas, greeted the members of Camerata Klaipėda, and the rehearsal started.

Vilhelmas mentioned before the concert that a big challenge awaited for them: “Now we will perform the concert for the violin, fortepiano and string orchestra by Ernest Chausson, which is complicated by all meanings. It is one of the most complicated chamber music pieces, specifically for the fortepiano. I feel thrilled as it is a special work for me. The programme of this evening is complicated not only for us with Guoda but also for the orchestra”.

After the concert of two parts the full culture hall of Birštonas raised on the feet and saw the performers off the stage with abundant applause. More than three hundred people attended the concert. The soloists met in the backstage shared their thoughts about the show and the renewed stage cooperation.

Vilhelmas Čepinskis: “The mood is quite good. I am a person who rarely likes everything what we do; still, I surely felt pleasure today. The evening was special. It was a real festival to be on the stage along with Guoda after a long break. The feeling that we are able to speak on the stage has not faded out even in several years. There were some improvisational moments, there was freedom. Also, I always feel endless pleasure playing with my orchestra as I know that they will never frustrate me.

Guoda Gedvilaitė: “It was a really serious show, not some play. I adore chamber music, I play in a trio or quartet in Germany sometimes. I give concerts with soloists rarer. Vilhelmas is an exception. We have promised to each other to be faithful”.

When asked about the secret of long cooperation, Guoda answered in a simple manner: “We feel music very naturally when we are together. It took two years to get acquainted with each other, but the feeling of freedom appeared when giving concerts.”

The stage friendship of Guoda and Vilhelmas was born in 1996, when the performers met in New York, during the commemoration concert of February 16. They organised annual tours together in Lithuania from 1999 and have released several compact disks.

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