According to minutes of KAUET of 09 04 2008 2008 04 19 In brief: On April 9 Kaunas Architecture and Urbanism Experts’ Council (KAUET) considered the possibilities of building a monument for the priest Antanas Mackevičius, the technical project of the multi-apartment house at Gedimino Str.10 and the pre-project offers of the building reconstruction at K.Donelaičio Str.33. The chairman was Gintaras Prikockis.


1. Investigation of possibilities of constructing the monument for the priest Antanas Mackevičius.


The municipality has asked the meeting to analyse places offered for the construction of the monument for the priest A.Mackevičius. The decision was accepted regarding this question to ask the municipality to present the offered places for monuments in a separate KAUET meeting.


2. Technical project of the multi-apartment house at Gedimino Str.10 (designed by Jungtinių Pajėgų Projektai, customer – Spindulys AB). Repeated consideration.



According to G.Prikockis, the project was first considered on January 15, 2008. It was decided to disapprove of the offers. The project had to be corrected and presented repeatedly. The main offer was to scatter the volume.


A.Kaušpėdienė presented the second variant of planning. Notices regarding the monotonous volume, lack of plastic and garages with lifts have been taken into regard.


The following decision was passed regarding the new project during the meeting: the technical project of the multi-apartment house at Gedimino Str.10 should be approved of taking into regard experts’ notes while performing further works: to scatter the monotonous facade of Gedimino Street, to review the colours of the facades, to decrease the height, to develop the sketch variant, to provide more convenience to inhabitants.


3. Pre-project offers for reconstruction of administrative building premises and construction of new annexes at K.Donelaičio Str. 33 (author - Ž.Radvilavičius, customer – Invalda Real Estate UAB). Repeated consideration.


According to G.Prikockis, the object is being considered for the second time. It was decided during the last meeting to disapprove of the project as a more detailed urbanistic context was needed, architecture of the administrative building designed by A.Sprindis had to be respected more, the height of the designed annex had to be increased, the former line of K.Donelaičio Street had to be restored, the detailed plan had to be changed, etc.


Ž.Radvilavičius presented the offer to build a corner building of 4 floors preserving the functional scheme. It was decided to separate the annex by colour. Two variants were offered.


After the consideration, the committee decided to disapprove of the pre-project offers again. It was recommended to present the project again after taking into regard experts’ notes: not to repeat the elements of the main façade of the building and distribution proportions, to design the annex from other materials or colour, to create a contrast between the new building and architecture of A.Sprindis, to search for new expressive forms for the volume of the corner building, to make the designed building higher, similar to the height of the present building, to correct the proportions of the annex.

Prepared by Jūratė Merkevičienė

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