(Facts, wishes and offers with an explanation) Nerijus Petrulis-Nerka
www.kamane.lt, 2007 10 08 – 12 06

In brief: The author has resolved to present his impressions, criticism, facts, wishes and offers in the article about the international modern dance festival initiated by the dance theatre Aura and taking place in Kaunas annually. The text was not written for two months – it was born right after the 17th international dance festival finished, but the author decided to wait for responses from non-interested experts. As not so many of them appeared in the press, the author decided to express his opinion in a lively text.


First of all, facts are presented. According to the author, the international modern dance festival organised by Aura for the 17th time is one of 7-8 annual events moving out emotions of Kaunas and one of 3 festivals (with Kaunas Jazz and Pažaislis Music Festival), which has an impact on the city feelings. It is surely very important that modern dance is in the field of young people’s interests. It is not that important whether these people understand what they see or not.


However, only 5 out of 100 percent of recognised Kaunas artists are interested in the modern dance festival, its advantages and drawbacks. This is mostly caused by the fact that rather cheap stars are brought to Lithuania. All Lithuanian groups – from Aura to Vilnius dance groups – justify the name of modern dance really well, but the performances of guests brought the level of the festival down. One more drawback of the festival is its management, which is far from perfect at the moment.


Therefore, the author expresses his main wish further on: if one is not allowed to doubt the artistic level of foreign modern dance production and if every criticising and doubting person is called a gander in the field of modern dance, there is a way out of this situation – it should be written in posters that idiots are not allowed in this or that performance and that they may receive a free ticket if they are allowed there. It will be honest, like charity for tramps in a party of elite. However, the organisers want the money of those brainless tramps because of some reason.


Among the presented offers, the author wishes that the organisers would not complain so much about hard work while organising the festival. The invited troupes of the festival, especially “Medea73” and Canadian “Kokoro Dance”, Jewish “Kamea” showed so much distress due to naked bodies – would it be possible to try and render the meaning by acting with clothes rather than naked bodies once? Another offer is regarding the natural ovations and reaction of the audience instead of ovations of interested parties. Talking about expensive stars and inability to invite them to Lithuania, the writer advises to save money instead of spending it on doubtful artists and be honourable in respect to the audience and oneself.


Thus, the author concludes that it is better to strive for the impossible and be honourable in front of one’s image in the mirror. Especially, when this image is not seen by the audience fooled by advertisement management. Then the audience will feel as a full-rate partner of the festival and will bring its money with joy. The future will be bright. Amen.

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