Real experiences in the art of performance 0

Deimantė Dementavičiūtė-Stankuvienė, 2015-07-02

Performance and live art festival "Creature Live Art", for three consecutive days invited the fans of the genre to the Kaunas gallery Meno Parkas, Town Hall square and its premises for open conversations. Performative processes did not speak in verbal language, but with sincere feelings and deep inner experiences.

Fesival "CREATurE Live Art: Emerging CREATurES" featured artists from Lithuania Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Iran, Spain and the United States. Each performance became a kind of ritual and while observing it one had to naturally become a participant and change in a way - to experience something new, something you have never experienced before; to notice something that you have never thought about before, to exchange energies or simply understand the other person.

Young artists were most concerned in analyzing the contemporary society and their position in it, the aspect of artistry and what art is, in general. Performances of two artists Alethea Raban (UK) and Eva Martino (UK/Italy) left an impression of the deepest "conversations." First artist from London incarnated into the characters living in the reflections of popular culture - half humans, half dolls.

In the performance "Absent Sedations" showed at the gallery A. Raban tried to eliminate the line between body/corporeality and material/materiality. The performance space was like an operating room, where artist "operated" the present, revealing its deepest and smallest particles. White, pink and red color accents, the constantly repeating musical fragment reminiscent of club music, video recording, representing the body parts and the doll-like appearance of the performer allowed to feel and become the witnesses of this operation and maybe, indirectly take the scalpel into one's hands.


Meanwhile in the performance presented at the Meno Parkas attic "Untitled # 000" Italian artist E. Martino was exploring the religious dimension in the contemporary humans’ being, trying to deconstruct Christian dogmas and stereotypes. Compared with A. Raban works, E. Martino concentrated exclusively on her body and its possibilities. The physical endurance challenges were used more grotesquely. At times it seemed that the limit of possibilities might be exceeded. Artist started the performance singing the phrase from a Christian hymn, lighting little candles, one by one, as if taking the viewers into a hypnotic common prayer full of pure sanctity.




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