Discovering my and your Vilnius 1

Urtė Navalinskaitė, 2015-06-23

In brief: The author has written about the previous book of Justinas Žilinskas “KGB Children” some time ago and now sets to trip of the new author’s book “My Vilnius” (Mano Vilnius Mano, 2015, Vilnius: Aukso žuvys publishing house).

Although it is stated in the website of the book that it is dedicated to elder children and teenagers, the author does not agree and assures that it may be enjoyed by grown-ups (not necessarily from Vilnius) too. It is a story about children Aistė and Simas discovering Vilnius along with the mysterious Chronicler. The book offers interesting graphical solutions and illustrations and, of course, history of Vilnius.

The author of the review enjoyed several plot lines melting in the magnificent history of Vilnius. It interests the reader by inviting him/her to participate in the process – to see everything live oneself and to become part of the story. Another line is sneering at children. J. Žilinskas illustrates one short episode of sneering, when Aistė is hurt by her classmates. This story is presented in a subtle and natural manner, without a reproach to the reader but making him/her to dip in thought.

The book turns attention to certain points of history of Vilnius, it inspires the reader to walk the narrow streets of the city and take interest in stories behind boards and sculptures, to discover Vilnius that has disappeared in ruins and destroyed buildings and overbuilt squares.

After reading the book, the author regrets only one thing – that J. Žilinskas is from Vilnius. The book inspires the wish to read a similar book about Kaunas, Klaipėda and other towns of our country, about the undiscovered or slightly forgotten "my Lithuania".

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