The international visual art exhibition in Kaunas 1

Remigijus Venckus, 2015-08-10

In brief: International visual art residence is taking place in Kaunas for the second time. The residence is unified by the international artistic and cultural creators’ cities’ network "CreArt." Residence is administered by the public institution Artkomas and creative results are presented in Kaunas, at the History of Communications museum. Exhibition can be visited until the 15th of August. This article briefly discusses the results of the residence presented at the exhibition.

One of the participants of the residence is the artist from Genoa - Annalisa Pisoni (1981). In her work, A. Pisoni explores human experience as an unusual contact between body and architectural landscape, which does not give in to traditional verbalization. Creatively connecting different means of expression - photography, drawing, painting and video art - author creates image parallels.

Spanish duo of animators Maria Alvarez and Elisa Morais focus on similar "problems" in their artistic research. During the residence the duo created a film, which can be understood as a return to the past, as a kind of disclosure of a memory archive. Their animated film is dominated by minimalistic design and slightly elegiac mood.  It can be observed that the combination of moving colorful blots is moderately pictorial, partly similar to the work of Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit, although his works are "ironically ruthless" and the Spanish duo's - emotionally restrained and reserved.

Somewhat similar creative program is developed by artist Ivona Juric, who came to Lithuania from Zagreb (Croatia). While creating a realistic landscape, artist explores surfaces of things and plants modeled by light. Using a small paintbrush she is trying to solve the magic of the image.

Italy based Polish painter Gosia Jagiello travels constantly, frequently changing her place of residence, but in her work she is not trying to convey realistic locations. She is more interested in the idea of emptiness, calmness and unity. In her paintings she forms a single system from different planes.

Spanish artist Paco Villa, like the previously discussed artists forms his visual story by looking for his place and almost a carnal relationship with nature, where he ends up intentionally or randomly. Artist admits that his collection of works, created in Kaunas, were mostly inspired by city ruins.  

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