Painting in an expanded field 0, 2016-04-15

In brief: Kaunas VDU art gallery 101 presently displays the exhibition "Echo or Tonometer" of the artists Povilas Ramanauskas ir Rosanda Sorakaitė. The exhibition runs until April 22. Basically, all the exhibition objects or their constellations are images of P. Ramanauskas and R. Sorakaitė's every day and domestic life, which, according to the artists, are haunting their work, raising questions and insisting on continuous listening. By embodying these images in matter and searching for the "significant form" that befits them, artists seek to at least partially expose the entity dormant inside them.

Professor Gustavo Fares in his article "Painting in an expanded field" speaks about the change in the nature of contemporary painting. According to him, today, we often notice a tendency to include features that are not typical of this type of art - volume and/or movement. Thus, the usual two-dimensional and static painting in this way gains the features of dynamics and space.

All this can be an appropriate context for Povilas Ramanauskas and Rosanda Sorakaitė's exhibition Tonometer's echo, currently operating at the Vytautas Magnus, University gallery 101. Both artists, professional painters, are not limited to paintings and are creating a one-piece pictorial space, the content of which is inspired by their personal intuitions and observations. In other words, Tonometer's echo is a painterly installation where the artists' worldview unfolds in both - traditional paintings and found or constructed objects (for example, the impression of the main feature of painting - light - is created not only with the paint on canvas, but also by using the natural properties of a mirror).

In the short text accompanying the exhibition artists emphasize that while working on the exhibition they were trying to listen to each other and to "tune in" - just like musicians that tune their instruments with the help of the tonometer. Thus the "tonometer" appears in the title of the exhibition for a reason - it is a "symbol pointing the thoughts towards compatibility, harmony and meanings."




Photos by Vytautas Paplauskas

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