Month of March in the galleries of Kaunas 1

Astijus Krauleidis-Vermontas, 2016-03-29

In brief: "I was astonished and after that / I welcomed spring", writes poet Donaldas Kajokas in one of his poems. The abundance and variety of exhibitions taking place in March also astonishes - from the ones looking back at the classic painting school or the topic of war to philosophical, or the ones that celebrate the female beauty in painting.

Artist Marijus Petrauskas, who is more focused on sculpture, perceives a woman in painting as an object of aesthetics - mysterious, wild, but also sensitive and romantic. At the exhibition States at the Balta gallery (the exhibition will be open until the 31st of March) he depicts a bright woman, highlighting her inner states and revealing a versatility of a female.

The next art stop could be Meno parkas gallery located in the Town Hall Square. Gallery presents the exhibition of painter and art teacher Arūnė Tornau - Disappearing images II (it will be open until 2nd of April). This time painter presents an exhibition supplemented with new works. She is also inclined to focus on the category of nature, to continue a deeper exploration of it, to look for the sensations of the individual that affect the rhythm of nature and destroy harmony.

Jolanda Galdikaitė, who has organized her first solo exhibition - Overlaps - at the Parko gallery extends the creative female line (exposition will be open until 31 March). In addition to examining other people’s emotions and feelings author also chooses to examine her own; she chooses to create a phantasmagorical, grim, but also a mysterious and feminine world (although the titles of her artworks have a negative connotation: Treachery, Indifference, Self-loss or Hypocrisy).

Meanwhile, the painter of the younger generation, Donatas Vasiliauskas, at the exhibition To remember, presented at the Kaunas Cultural Center Tautos namai (will be open until 10th of April) depicts the world and environment appealing to the aesthetics of realism, by combining modernity with tradition. This time he leaves the postmodernism behind, but claims he is not disowning it. D. Vasiliauskas' goal is quite simple - to revive classical realism and its ideas that, just like the ones of contemporary art, can be attractive and interesting to the viewer.

Past, historical time is also reflected upon at the Mykolas Žilinskas Art Gallery, in Cornelia Gurlitt's (1890–1919) lithography and drawings exhibition Cornelia Gurlitt: the heart's journey. Kaunas and Vilnius highlights 1915-1917 (will be open until the 10th of April). Exhibition consists of Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum collections as well as the private ones. This is a collection supplemented with new exhibits (first presented in Vilnius). The exhibition presents C. Gurlitt's personality and her life; it is dominated by topics of war and sensitive woman's life.

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