Kazimieras Žoromskis: landscape in abstraction - is it possible? 0

Ramūnas Čičelis
www.kamane.lt, 2016-08-22
Kazimieras Žoromskis. TDS 259, 1986

In brief: A distinctive art style - pop art - formed in Great Britain, in the 60s. Art critics attribute Lithuanian-American artist Kazimieras Žoromskis' works to this specific style. K. Žoromskis, as one of the pop artists, is very distinctive. His painting is only partially connected to the works and ideas of Andy Warhol and other global stars.

Lithuanian artist created works that combine abstract expressionism, figurative painting, photography and creative trends of his fellow contemporaries.

K. Žoromskis became known as an artist who shaped the new pop art sub-style - optical impressionism characterized by experimentation with color, light, darkness and introduction of the third dimension into abstract art. It is exactly the three-dimensional works that suggest artist combining figurative and abstract art into a whole in which the differences of the two mentioned painting styles are almost invisible in comparison to the boldness of experiment.

Another distinctive feature of K. Žoromskis' works is the expression of primordial color. Artist works not only with the phenomena of material or human reality (it is a feature of figurative painting) and the projection of ideas onto canvas (that is a feature of abstract art) but with the possibilities of color - the element of the language of painting. Such action is close to abstract painting because the color is interpreted in the artist's mind but it also depends on the physical properties (that limits the subjective interpretation).

K. Žoromskis' color tests are closely linked to the physics scientific knowledge of color spectrum. Artist uniquely interprets physical, impressionist and mental qualities of each color in reference to the specific accumulated knowledge. It should not be forgotten that K. Žoromskis is an academic artist who taught in various universities and colleges across the US.

One more feature of K. Žoromskis' painting is a unique shading: pictorial flamboyance is interpreted with the help of photographic art. Chiaroscuro is a feature of both, painting and photography. Chiaroscuro in photography is primarily a feature of black and white photography. K. Žoromskis, along with many pop artists establishes this element around the whole color spectrum. Artist's work In the kingdom of Jūratė, created in 1972 is very close to photography.

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