Mina Laugalytė , 2009 01 23Lights of subtle forms make the terrace and nature integral. Photo by D.Čiuta.

In sunshine the interior shines with muted colours of a rainbow. Photo by D.Čiuta.

One may create certain moods in the living room as in the entire flat by playing with artificial and natural light. Photo by L.Brundza.

The terrace extending the living room is parted by huge sliding windows. Photo by L.Brundza.

Roof slopes and an impressive chandelier is visible through the glass ceiling in the bathroom. Photo by L.Brundza.

A built-in closet is decorated by an ornament created by the architect in the child’s room. Photo by L.Brundza.

The kitchen interior is livened up by a red accent. Photo by L.Brundza.

Custom-made huge chandeliers are hanging in the lobby and bathroom. Photo by D.Čiuta.

The architect D.Čiuta does not like creating interiors that are moderately comfortable. His style is contemporary maximal comfort. Photo by L.Brundza.In brief: “There may be no casual details in the interior. A chair inside should not frown on clouds flying outside the window. They should be friendly and help owners rest, communicate and rejoice," the architect D.Čiuta is sure. He created an interior in a new multi-apartment house in Žaliakalnis for a family of Kaunas inhabitants, where the flat owners feel as if they were living in nature.

It was important for the architect that this flat would spread tranquillity and would contribute to the idea to create a home for resting.

An apartment of 150 sq m is surrounded by a terrace of the same area from two sides and is located in the penthouse of a three-storeyed house near the Sports Hall. There is a living room, a small kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the flat.

The sky, tops of trees visible from the apartment premises and the calm interior creates the impression that you are in non-urbanised nature.

The huge windows of the living room let a person get to the big terrace freely. The impression of an integral space is created even without opening doors.

The apartment shines with rainbow colours impressively on sunny days, at sunrise and sunset. The apartment was granted originality by the span roof. Glass partitions were created in some spaces.

The living room is extended by the terrace, which creates an illusion of a private yard. Two lights of original form are placed in the terrace. Custom-made chandeliers are hanging inside the flat as well.

“It is not important to me whether I create an interior for a flat or a house," said D.Čiuta. “In any case, I follow the same criterion – I do not create a moderately comfortable interior. I believe that an apartment has to be contemporary and to correspond with the lifestyle of the customer to the maximum“.

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