The prize “Architect of the Year” (of Kaunas region) was established by the newspaper Statybų Pilotas in 1997 in order to encourage innovative architecture in the society and among architects. The award is granted annually on July 1 (on the International Day of Architects) for the architect of Kaunas region whose work was useful to the society, professional and original.

Objectives of the Prize

1. To encourage architects creating original, honest, professionally completed and functionally-constructively irreproachable architecture.

2. To consolidate higher architectural standards as a norm in Kaunas region.

3. To proclaim architects (and their projects), who enrich the architecture of Kaunas and our country in general.

4. To introduce the concept of modern architecture to the society and to popularise advanced tendencies of architecture.

Architects of the Year of Kaunas Region


This year the most honourable title of the Architect of the Year was granted to the architect Gražina Janulytė - Bernotienė and her studio team (Guoda Zykuvienė, Rimantė Lydytė, Agnė Andriukaitienė, Loreta Bulakienė, Erikas Klinavičius, Agnė Mikėnaitė), whose exceptional architecture was announced the best in Kaunas.

Six other titles of architecture were announced for the first time this year. The aim of these nominations is to activate the architectural life of Kaunas, form positive guides of Kaunas architecture and architectural life. 

Title of Event of the Year was granted to the first international festival of Kaunas architecture KAFe 2013 (head of the festival – Gintaras Balčytis).

The title of the Golden Hand was granted to the publisher Gintaras Balčytis and his partners: Jolita Kančienė (architecturologist), Gintaras Česonis (photographer) and Asta Prikockienė (curator), who issued an important publication “Kaunas Interwar Architecture”.

The title Good News was granted to the team of young architects: Mykolas Svirskis, Martynas Leščišinas, Vytautas Lelius, Karolis Platakis, Antanas Šarkauskas, Berta Bocculaitė and their head Tomas Kuleša for “Camp of Practical Creation 1:1”.

The title Friend of Architecture was granted to the club Galeria Urbana (head Eglė Simuntienė)

The title Disappointment of the Year was granted to the promised butcancelled competition of Kaunas congress, conference and concert hall (author – director of Kaunas Municipality Administration Dainius Ratkelis).

The title Kebab of the Year was granted to the arrogant “castle” at Vaižganto St.21, Kaunas (architect Virginijus Juozaitis), which is an architectural stranger in Kaunas Žaliakalnis interwar architectural context.


 The prize was not granted 


Eugenijus Miliūnas (for the project of Kaunas arena in the Nemunas island and other important projects) 


Gražina Janulytė-Bernotienė (for projects of creation of Library of Kaunas University of Medicine, Marijampolė Cultural Centre, reconstruction of M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum)


Algimantas Miškinis (for publications and books on issues of urbanistic heritage and principled, consistent and active position of a citizen regarding the most important urbanistic problems of Kaunas)


Ramūnas Raslavičius (for elegant and consistent architecture while designing the building of the company Lemora and private houses in Vytėnai)


Vilius Adomavičius and Vida Vyšniauskienė (for villas near the Kalviai Lake and in Kačerginė, Ąžuolynas tennis sports centre in Kaunas, conceptual project of a residential quarter near Klaipėda and other examples of truly successful architecture)


Laima Tumynienė and Gintas Vieversys (for important realisations of commercial architecture – interior of the beauty shop Sarma in Vilnius; automobile centre, commercial building with a health centre and a shopping centre Iki in Marijampolė)


Darius Čiuta (for artistic courage and the fact that working with different staff he stimulates people and brings purity of form, moderation and targeted use of materials in projects)


Gintautas Natkevičius (for open architecture loaded with ideas)


Gintaras and Asta Prikockiai (for the reconstruction of Vilnius University, Kaunas Humanitarian Faculty, villa “Sea and Sand” in Preila and consistent activity in the historical context of Kaunas)


Dalius Šarakauskas (for the project of the shopping centre Skaistė and factory of gates Ryterna in Kaunas)


Algimantas Kančas (for combinations of traditional architecture and new construction materials and means)


Evaldas Barzdžiukas (for two private houses on the slope of Žaliakalnis in Kaunas)