Dalius Šarakauskas was born in Kaunas on November 19, 1960. In 1967-78 he studied at J. Jablonskis Secondary School. In 1978-83 he studied at Vilnius Engineering and Construction Institute, Faculty of Architecture. He worked as an architect at the City Construction and Design Institute (1983-87), at the Agricultural Construction and Design Institute (1987-90), Miestprojektas AB (1990-98). Since 1991 he has been heading a private design company, he designs residential, industrial, public buildings and creates territorial plans. Dalius Šarakauskas is a member of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch.

Major awards, achievements

1980 – diploma of the first degree and golden medal at the republic students’ scientific works review.

1983 – diploma of the second degree and silver medal in the review of diploma works of the former Soviet Union.

1985 – diploma at the global young architects’ forum “Interarch”, Sofia, Bulgaria.

1987 – the first prize at the contest of Kaunas Žalgiris cultural and sports complex (along with G. Jurevičius).

1995 – the first place at the contest of the monument for the memory of exiles and resistance Participants (along with the sculptor V. Martišius).

1999 – award of “Architect of the Year” (for the project of the shopping centre Skaistė and factory of gates Ryterna in Kaunas).

1999 – award for the best realisation of the year (building of the company Ryterna) at the architectural exhibition-contest “The Best Project of the Year”.

1998 – the second place at the project contest of Ukmergė Central Police Commissariat and the Guardhouse.


Major projects

Monolithic residential multi-storeyed houses, Ukmergės Str., Kaunas, 1985-86.

Residential house in Giedraičių Str., Kaunas, 1987 (along with R. Zimkus).

Sports and Cultural House of Žalgiris Association, 1988-89 (along with G. Jurevičius, Z. Dargis, S. Kalinka).

Competitive project of Palemonas Church, 1989.

Complex of the sports club Naglis buildings in Šilainiai, Kaunas, 1991-92.

Building of the company Ryterna, Savanorių Ave., Kaunas, 1998.

Building of Vilnius Chief Police Commissariat, Birželio 23-osios Str., 2006.

Café Babilonas, Raseinių Str., Kaunas, 1999.

Shopping centre RIMI, V. Krėvės and Prancūzų Str., Kaunas, 2000.

Administrative building of Aveplast UAB, Savanorių Ave., Kaunas, 2002.

Quarter with residential houses and villas Birutė Park, Vytauto Str., Palanga, 2003.

Bus station of Utena town, 2003.

Interior of the commercial department of Snaigė AB in Alytus, 2004.

Training field for the European Youth Championship, Ąžuolynas, Kaunas, 2005.

Šalčininkai railway station with the frontier control post and customs office, 2006.

More information about architectural projects of Dalius Šarakauskas is presented at the website www.dsarchitektai.lt.