Audrys Karalius was born in Vilnius on December 20, 1960 at 9.10 a.m. In 1984 A.Kralius graduated from Vilnius Engineering and Construction Institute, where he obtained the architect’s specialty. In 1984-1989 he worked as an architect at Kaunas City Construction and Design Institute, in 1989-1990 – as a responsible secretary of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch, in 1990-1991 – as the chief architect of Kaunas City. From 1992 he is engaged in private architect’s practice and heads the design company Workshop of Architect A.Karalius. In 1996 he established and heads the publishing house PVZ which publishes the newspaper Statybų Pilotas every two weeks (chief editor), From 1990 he is a member of national and local architecture tenders evaluation committees and experts’ councils. From 2000 he is thhe Lithuanian representative of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture and an independent expert of Mies van der Rohe Fund.

Other activities: 1983 – the founder and curator of the International Contest of Ideas of Architecture Students SIKON (along with A. Ambrasas, G. Čaikauskas); 1988 – participant of the Movement in Kaunas, chairman of the Movement Circle of the City Construction and Design Institute; 2002 – initiator and organiser of the musical performance “Blues Marathon of Three Kings” at Kaunas club Los Patrankos (along with R. Grabštas); 2003 – initiator and organiser of the inter-disciplinary project “Pulse in Fort” in the 1st Kaunas Fort (along with G. Česonis and G. Banaitis), 2005 – one of founders and patrons of A. Dineika annual stipend for the most perspective student of architecture; 2005 – initiator and organiser of the inter-disciplinary project “Occupation” at Kaunas Meat Factory (along with G.Česonis and G.Šibonis).



Major projects

1983 – National Gallery in Vilnius. Competitive project (prize).
1985 – Reconstruction of Kaunas Old Town Square in Vilnius Str. Competitive project (2nd-3rd prize).
1986 – Interior of the youth café Orbita. Kaunas, Laisvės Al. (co-author Vilius Adomavičius) (did not survive).
1987- 1989 – Hospital of 110 beds in Molėtai.
1987- 1990 – Hospital of 70 beds in Širvintos.
1988 – Wing of MSPI Kaunas Branch. Kaunas, S.Neries Str. Competitive project (prize).
1988 – Residential house of the basketball player A.Sabonis in Kaunas, Perkūno Al. Competitive project (co-author Dalia Karalienė).
1988-1989 – Monument for Vytautas Magnus in Kaunas. Competitive project. Head of the group - E.Miliūnas (prize).
1989 – Darius and Girėnas monument in Kaunas. Competitive project (with co-authors) (prize).
1990 – Mark Rozenberg’s villa near Moscow. Russia.
1992 – Reconstruction of the Unity square in Kaunas. Competitive project (with co-authors) (2nd prize).
1993 – Conversion reconstruction of the military town in the Low Šančiai. Kaunas, Juozapavičiaus Ave. (with A.Brazauskas, etc.) (not implemented).
1994 – Reconstruction of Kaunas Bus Station and planning of the territory. Kaunas, Vytauto Ave. (co-author V.Merkevičius) (not implemented).
1994 – Interior of UAB Nika office. Kaunas, Kęstučio Str.
1995 – Interior of the restaurant “Dezdemona” reconstructing part of the building. Byelorussia, Novopolock (not implemented).
1996 – Interior of UAB Arijus office reconstructing part of the building. Kaunas, Savanorių Ave.
1996-1999 – Interiors of four flats reconstructing part of the building. Nida, Kopų Str.
1997 – Interior of UAB Meldija office. Kaunas, Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.
1997-1998 – Sparkling wine factory UAB Boslita and its interiors. Kaunas, Bakanausko Str.
1998-2000 – Interior of AB Lifosa reconstructing part of the building. Kaunas, Mickevičiaus Str.
1998 – Kaunas Christmas Tree 2000 (Project of the century’s turn). Kaunas, Unity Square. (did not survive).
1998 – Project of Lithuanian cottage in Eurovillage quarter, Malmo, Sweden.
2000 – Entertainment centre Los Patrankos (conversion of the cinema Pasaka), Kaunas, Savanorių Ave.
2001 – Interior of the Low Šančiai parish funeral hall. Kaunas, Juozapavičiaus Ave.
2002 – Shop of decoration materials Iris and its interiors. Kaunas, Savanorių Ave.
2003 – Reconstruction of the shopping centre Urmas. Kaunas, Pramonės Ave.
2003 – Urbane development programme “New Bank”. Kaunas, Vilijampolė (co-authors A. and G. Prikockiai, R.Palys).
2004 – Nunnery of St. Elisabeth Sisters’ Congregation. Kaunas, Low Šančiai.
2004 – Urban development programme and architectural regulation of Kaunas Free Economic Zone.
2005 – Villa Morrka at Kalviai Lake, Kaišiadorys district, Kalviai.
2005 – Villa Melna and Villa Sarkana, Riga, Latvia.
2006 – A house at Vilnelė, Vilnius, Aukštaičių Str.
2007 – Bank of Geroji Vilija (plain-air project), Kaunas, Vilijampolė (along with A.Baldišiūtė, P.Išora).
2007 – Quarter of multi-apartment houses Aušros Namai, Kaunas, Žaliakalnis (along with D.Trainauskas and others).
2008 – A house on Oak Hill, Kaunas, Benediktinių Str..
2008 – Conversion of Kaunas Radio Factory, competitive project, Kaunas, Žaliakalnis (along with P.Išora).
2008 – Kaunas City Sign, competitive project "Soundtrack” (2nd prize, along with P.Išora).
2008 – Reconstruction of the Unity Square in Kaunas, competitive project “Archaeology of Space“ (2nd prize, along with P.Išora, G.Bardauskaitė, J.Padvarskaitė).
2008 – Sculpture “First there was a Word“, Ukmergė district (along with S.Šidlauskas).
2009 – Quarter of private houses “Dievogala Bank“ (project), Kaunas district.
2009 – Kiškiai house (project), Kaunas, Vičiūnai, 2009.

Major exhibitions

1989 – Young architects of the Baltic States.
1998 – Kaunas architecture.
1998 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”. Diploma.
1999 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”.
2000 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”.
2000 – Selected Lithuanian exhibition of architectural design “Detail”, Helsinki, Finland.
2001 – Kaunas architecture. Diploma for the best interior of the year.
2001 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”.
2002 – Kaunas Architecture. Diploma for the best building of the year.
2002 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”.
2002 – Exhibition of the global architecture congress “UIA Berlin”, Berlin, Germany.
2003 – Joint Japanese and Lithuanian exhibition of architecture “West-East”, Kaunas, M. Žilinskas Gallery
2003 – Exhibition of architectural design “Detail”.
2003 – Kaunas architecture.
2007 – Kaunas architecture. Diploma for sense of context.
2008 – Kaunas architecture. Diploma for colour in space.


1998 – 1st prize in the exhibition-competition “Detail” of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch for the interior of UAB Lifosa office.
2001 – 1st prize in the interior category in the annual exhibition-competition “Detail” of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch for the interior of the entertainment centre “Los Patrankos”.
2001 – Lithuanian Architecture Awards 2001, category “Interior of the Year” for the entertainment centre “Los Patrankos”, Kaunas.
2002 – 1st prize in the category “Best architectural realisation” in the annual exhibition-competition “Detail” of the Lithuanian Architects’ Union, Kaunas Branch for the shop of decoration materials “Iris”, Kaunas.
2003 – National architectural award METRE 1/5 (international committee headed by Massimilian Fuks) for the shop of decoration materials “Iris”, Kaunas.
2003 – Diploma of the National Architectural Exhibition (international committee headed by Massimilian Fuks) for the funeral hall interior of St. Jesus Heart parish, Kaunas.
2003 – Kaunas Mayor’s award “Brick of Kindness”.
2003 – Lithuanian Architects’ Union award “Sign of Honour”.
2004 – Nomination of the international award “Best Europe: Colour” for the implemented Iris shop project in Kaunas.
2006 – “Knight of Kaunas Face“, award of the newspaper Laikinoji Sostinė.
2007 – Golden medal of the Lithuanian Industrialists’ Confederation “Product of the Year” for the implemented quarter of multi-apartment houses Aušros Namai in Kaunas (along with YIT Kausta builders).
2009 – Architectural diploma of the Baltic States “Baltic Brick Award” for the quarter of multi-apartment houses Aušros Namai in Kaunas.

Publications about projects in the press

1987/2 – magazine Architektura SSSR, Moscow, Russia.
2001/2 magazine Mondo, London, Great Britain.
2001/3 – magazine Maja, Tallin, Estonia.
2001/3 – magazine Latvijas Architektūra, Riga, Latvia.
2002/1 – magazine Best Interiors, Moscow, Russia.
2006/3 – magazine Deko, Riga, Latvia.

More than 40 publications in Lithuanian magazines, newspapers and encyclopaedias.

Publications, broadcasts

2006 – Article “Lithuania: Assembling in Cities“ in the magazine Architectural Design, London, Great Britain.

More than 60 articles and interviews in the Lithuanian press.

Participant in more than 50 broadcasts in Lithuanian and foreign TV and radio programmes.

Conferences, lectures

1997 – Report about contemporary Lithuanian architecture, international festival of architecture and design “Manifesto”, Edinburg, Great Britain.
2007 – Report “Alchemy of Old and New Architecture in a Modern City”, international conference “InWest”, Klaipėda.
2008 – Report “Lithuania: Search for Local Identity in Aggressive Context”, international conference “Peacebuilding Architecture“, Roma, Italy.
More than 20 lectures and reports read in various forums in Lithuania.