2016-02-29 10+1 topics on theatre with Albinas Keleras

Lithuanian Theatre Union, supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture continues the project 10+1 topics on theatre with... The initiators of the project are interviewing the most famous veterans of the theatre stage. They share their creative experience and answer various questions on theatre, actor's mastery and features of working on the stage.

Albinas Keleras is one of the most famous actors of Panevėžys Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre. This person's sincerity, proud and free stance pointing to the untamed soul captivates anyone who speaks with him. You want to be next to Albinas Keleras, to listen to him, not only on the stage but also in life. Actor's creative path is marked by the work with the legendary director Juozas Miltinis and by many created characters and survived destinies. Neither role is unique, they are all important in their own way; they once have demanded special spiritual and physical efforts. But this is not what we talked about at the small hall of Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre. We were interested in artist's approach to his profession, director, dramaturgy, the necessity for appreciation and other topics that seem to have been long explored in the actor's daily activities.

"Theatre has been a mystery to me and has remained a mystery," says Albinas Keleras, contemplating the eternal questions of theatre.

Information provided by Lithuanian Theatre Union.