2013-05-31 Alchemy XLVII. Park

The year 1661. The architect André Le Nôtre starts the project of hyper-civilisation at the order of Ludwig XIV at the Versailles Palace. Hassocks of surrounding bogs were turned into a beautiful garden organised according to strict geometrical forms and symbolising the victory of a human being against nature. French parks were later created in the entire Europe following the example of Versailles.
 End of the 19th century. The Frenchman Édouard André implemented the project of an English ha-ha park fashionable in the period of Romanticism in Užutrakis Manor. There are no regular geometrical forms here. On the contrary, it is like a forest grown and fostered by the man. People come here to become part of nature. Usually in couples. They experience many adventures that sound like merry ha-ha in lips of ladies.
 May of 2013. Strange things start taking place in the Nemunas island. People turn the unique and specific space into a partner of creation. Nature helps to communicate. “Nature helps to hear the other one who is speaking.” You should know that it is an ecologic green park here. The entire broadcast is dedicated to the festival that started in Birštonas and travelled to Kaunas. There is nothing to speak about, you should feel it.