2013-04-30 A Walk with Algis Mickūnas

The walk is like flying in cosmos – people are going somewhere, white snow becomes dirty and melts little by little, and two interlocutors encompass the most diverse themes: from the age of the universe to what is happiness. Algis Mickūnas states that Socrates is his favourite philosopher. To me Socrates emerges in mind with a glass of poison in hand. In fact, we later speak what will happen when we are no longer here. Rytis admits that he fears death. Algis smiles and reveals calmly what will be after him.

In fact, like the philosopher Algis Mickūnas marked, the world is full of colours. He is the best proof of it. He is the man who is interested in everything, whose answers to questions will make one listen and think what he wanted to say. Even though he calls himself a village kern, some intellectuals could envy his elegance and good manners.

We will not see such strange walks every day, especially such strange and interesting personalities as the philosopher Algis Mickūnas. Have you noticed – he is smiling all the time? Let us listen why.