Justina Paltanavičiūtė, 2011 02 14

V.Mikuckis. Photos by Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

In brief: “The classical guitar is an instrument of high technical and artistic possibilities; it may be equalled to a rather big orchestra,” believes Valdemaras Mikuckis. The soloist gladdened listeners by sounds of his beloved instrument at Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall on the 9th of February.

The guitarist offered the possibility to hear opuses of rarely heard composers: Fernando Sor, Francisco Tárregos, Carlo Domeniconi, Isaac Albéniz, Heitor Villa-Lobos in the concert at the Philharmonic Hall.

The concert was started by a prelude and fugue from the suite for lute BWV995 of the Baroque master J. S. Bach. Later works, which may be called the classical programme of the Spanish guitar, resounded.

The performance of works of composers from different epochs was technical and harmonious; still, the author lacked contrasts and fiery temperament, which was necessary for some compositions. Perhaps this was the reason why etudes suited the guitarist better: he chose the Etude No. 11, e minor and Etude No. 12, a minor of the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959).

The leaflet of the concert testifies that Valdemaras Mikuckis is considered to be one of the most talented contemporary guitarists of Lithuania, winner of Lithuanian and international classical guitar competitions. True, the performer is really technical but very reserved. Music requires not only technique but also temperament, which V.Mikuckis hides deep down in himself without letting emotions run free.

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