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F. Drulytė and V. Smailytė. Photo of organisers

F. Drulytė, V. Smailytė, R. Preikšaitė. Photo of organisers

In brief: Flute and harp is an untraditional combination in the context of classical music. One could hear the sound of this duet in the White Hall of Kaunas State Musical Theatre on the 20th of February. The flutist Fausta Drulytė and harpist Viktorija Smailytė, who called themselves FA, performed music of their beloved instruments to listeners. The music of the duet was spiced up by guests of the concert: Rita Preikšaitė (mezzo soprano) and Lina Dirmauskienė (French horn). The concert announcer was Viktoras Gerulaitis.

The afternoon was called “Diamonds in Snow” according to the title of one of the performed opuses (J.Sibelius “Diamonds in Snow”). The majority of compositions performed in the concert were chamber. The following compositions of popular classics were performed: C. Debussy “Moonlight”, E. Grieg “Solveig's Song”, G. Bizet introduction to the 3rd act from the opera “Carmen“,J. Massenet “Meditation” (from the opera “Thaïs”). The repertoire was replenished by not so well known opuses: J. Lauber “Four Ancient Dances”, A. Piazolla “Bordel 1900”, G. Donizetti Sonata for flute and harp, M. Osokin “Intermezzo” and “Rumba” from the suite for flute and harp, P. Mascagni “Ave Maria” from the opera “Pride of the Village”. By the way, the concert was traditionally started by the opus of J.S. Bach – Largo from the concerto for harpsichord and strings in f minor.

The author of the article notices that the idea to form such a romantic and unusual duet was very beautiful as well as the intention to arrange the beloved music pieces for the flute and harp. Still, she lacked professionalism in some arrangements and harmony between the sound of the two instruments. Meanwhile, opuses composed for the flute and harp specifically sounded much better. One of such good examples could be “Four Ancient Dances” of  J. Lauber.

Thus, the author wishes to the performers to use the help of professionals of certain fields while trying to adapt music for beloved instruments as well as to have courage to develop their original and beautiful ideas. This time diamonds were hiding in snow, and one would like to see diamonds glowing in snow the next time.

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