Justina Paltanavičiūtė

www.kamane.lt, 2011 03 24

Gaio de Lima. Photos from personal archive

In brief: It is not often that it is possible to hear Brazilian music performed by Brazilians rather than reserved Lithuanian musicians in Lithuania. Therefore, the concert “Brazilian Heat” organised in the 14th of March was an exceptional event, especially for the fact that it was organised in academic space, Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall.

Music performed by Gaio de Lima Quintet resounded in the concert, and the ensemble was formed of Lithuanian and Brazilian members: Gaio de Lima (vocals, mandolin, percussion), Vitor Celestino (seven-string guitar), Remigijus Rančys (flute, saxophone), Mykolas Bazaras (double bass, electric bass), Darius Rudis (drums). Of course, the charismatic multi-instrumentalist Gaio de Lima was the main accent of the concert. Brazilian music as well as original compositions of the musician and Remigijus Rančys were performed.

Exotic rhythms and melodies wrapped in the cover of jazz sounded delicately and tenderly rather than ardently; the music was played in professional and secure manner. The velvety voice of Gaio de Lima created the atmosphere of a lazy afternoon siesta, and Vitor Celestino played the seven-string guitar in a very subtle manner. Lithuanian musicians created an equally strong balance to the exotic performers. Each member of the ensemble appeared to be individual and interesting and did not dwarf other members.

Still, the author poses a question: was Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall really suitable for such a concert. It created a rather official atmosphere for the performed music, and this could determine the moderation of the audience. On the other hand, Kaunas does not have bigger concert halls or clubs more suitable for such music. Therefore, the organisers could have had no other choice.

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