Method of Michael Chekhov: tools of role characterisation 0, 2015-01-05
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In brief: The process of characterisation is focused on the use of external means and concentrated images striving for the internal reaction of the body in which new psychological nuances and statuses close to the portrait of the created role are disclosed. This principle indicates the specific kid of methodology which refers to the fact that the main load is on the physical access and process of visualisation rather than the psychological analysis of the role.

Attention may be paid to the fact that similar tendencies become clear in present practices of the stage in which the clearly articulated slip from representation to performativity is noticed. The principles of “theatre of tomorrow” formulated in the methodology did not become widely spread in during the lifetime of M. Chekhov but the possibilities to apply them are rediscovered in the contemporary theatre inspired by theories of poststructuralism again.


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