Sound of angelic and demon-like existence 1

Elvina Baužaitė, 2015-06-22

In brief: The poet, essayist, literature critic and translator, winner of the National Culture and Art Prize Kęstutis Navakas issued the fruit of his six years work, the selection of essays “Soundless Ring” (Begarsis Skambutis, Vilnius, Tyto Alba publishing house) this year. It is the sixteenth book of the writer.

The selection consists of two parts, which are separated in the book by titles and the clear distinction of texts. The first essays may be read as poetry, the world of these texts seems to be volatile and sleek, where one may mean something else and vice versa. Meanwhile, the second part is like the antithesis of the first part, like daily life and existence, like the bottom and the top. Of course, K. Navakas keeps his style, some poetical paragraphs and lyrical reflections of life “sound”, but the daily life prose and the exposition of personal life perplex the reader first.

Still, the reviewer reads the book until the last page and analyses both the poetical essays full of intertextual links and post-modern features reflecting the reality of life as well as the more personal essays in the second part about daily trivialities which disclose the daily situations and reality full of dual meanings and misunderstandings.

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