About “seeing through” Darius and Girėnas 0

Jurga Tumasonytė
www.kamane.lt, 2014-10-20
Cover of the book "10 Litas"

In brief: Comic strips of Miglė Anušauskaitė and Gerda Jord about heroes of the nation Darius and Girėnas were published in the culture press periodically last year and soon their book “Ten Litas” will be issued. On the occasion that the Lithuanian graphical biography will be published finally, the artists speak with the author of the article about the popular field of literature in the world, which is stepping to Lithuania diffidently as well as the deconstruction of national heroes.

The artists tell about their path to the genre of comic strips and their determination to create the story about Darius and Girėnas. The latter series was approved by the weekly Literatūra ir Menas and was published in the art publication.

The artists state that they have read a lot about the national heroes who have crossed the Atlantic by the plane 80 years ago; they tried to render the character features of the pilots and to show the difference between the two heroes to people.

The comic strip creators tell jokingly that one should not know how to draw in order to create a successful comic strip. Talking seriously, they emphasise that it is important to imagine what you want to say, to tame some style or means so that you would feel free with its usage.

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